Naregno is positioned at the edge of the beautiful Costa dei Gabbiani, cliff overlooking the sea preserved and enhanced by the Natural Park of the Tuscan Archipelago. The beach, facing east, is protected by two small promontories – Cape Focardo with its lighthouse on the right and the left tip of the princess – protecting it from the prevailing winds of Mistral and Scirocco, it allows school students an easy departure from beach even during the most challenging days.

When the high pressure prevails in the morning we have a slight breeze from the sea that could safely sail aboard a traditional benefit, while the afternoon heat by turning the ground becomes more and you can choose to tackle the most challenging gusts trying to tame a fast catamaran.

If we need to be in contact with the sea and the wind is even stronger, of course, approach the windsurfing, mean fun and excitement, whatever the weather conditions. Exploiting then the ideal position and the security natural bay, you can combine your vacation-relax with the spectacular world of sailing.

The sailing center Naregno occupies 3000 square meters of private land bordering the homonymous beach. Inside the house is the secretariat with a terrace where you can find and talk, a gazebo where you teach the lessons of theory, warehouses to store equipment and, for children, a space used as a playground.All surrounded by a meadow where you can devote yourself exclusively operator of the boat or sailboat surf.

The sailing center Naregno school-associated “ISSA (International Sailing School Association), AISHC (Italian Association of Schools hobie cat)AISVE (Italian Sailing Schools Association) and supported the club for FIV-Capoliveri puts his instructors available for both courses both for individual classes.

Servizio della Rai

Estate 2014

La Scuola di Vela

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